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First Aid

As careful as we are, accidents and injuries can happen. We have a team and process in place to be prepared for and care for accidents and injuries.

First Aid Injury Report Form

Please note that all injuries that require first aid supplies need to be reported to our First Aid team:

Complete the form and send to our First Aid Managers via our Community Form here.

First Aid Team

Our First Aid Managers are Maggs and Deborah. They can be contacted via the form at the bottom of this page.

First Aid Kits

Each team and age group is issued a First Aid kit at the beginning of the season. First Aiders must complete an Injury Report Form (see above) for each injury that requires first aid supplies.

In exchange for the completed form, your kit supplies will be replenished.

First Aid Courses

We run First Aid Courses at the club during the season. The courses are heavily subsidised by the club if you would like to be a qualified First Aider and can help with First Aid. Contact the First Aid team about dates and getting involved via the form at the bottom of this page. The courses can be used for your workplace as well. First Aid is a really valuable skill to have.

England Hockey Concussion Policy

Every year doctors and scientists understand more about the effects of concussion on the brain. Please note England Hockey’s policy and guidelines on concussion within hockey:

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